Postal Code Conversion File (PCCF), 2006 Census – Update (December 2009)

The December 2009 update of the Postal Code Conversion File (PCCF) is now available. This file links the six-character postal codes to standard 2006 Census geographic areas, such as dissemination areas, census tracts and census subdivisions.

By linking postal codes to the Statistics Canada geographic areas, the file facilitates the extraction and subsequent aggregation of data for selected geographic areas. The PCCF also associates each postal code with a longitude and latitude coordinate to support mapping applications. The file also indicates the source, quality and type of linkage made between the postal code and the geographic area.

The PCCF is updated on a semi-annual basis.

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Census Profiles Tables

Census Divisions (CDs) and Census Subdivisions (CSDs)

We started to add 2 new Census geography levels to the CHASS Census Analyser: the profiles for the Census divisions (CDs) and Census subdivisions (CSDs).

The 2006 and 2001 data files are already on the website. Earlier Census data will follow. The data is available in English and French.

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