General Social Survey (GSS), Cycle 23: Victimization, 2009 Public Use Microdata File (PUMF) – Revised

GSS Cycle 23 PUMF – May 2011 update

* Updated hate crime derived variable (HATECRIM) to be consistent with Cycle 18;
* Added criminal code/non-criminal code hate crime variables (HTC_Q180A/HTC_Q180B);
* Added previous marital status variable (CMR_Q120) to the PUMF;
* Updated response categories for evening activity variables (PEO_Q110 to PEO_Q180);
* Added section 8.4 (Rounding) to the user guide;
* Added new Appendix H (“Estimating Variance with ADJWTVIC using SUDAAN or BootVar”) to user guide.
* The updates contained in the file were made to the datasets, user guide and data dictionary.

Access the data at GSS files.

The SDA Team

Postal Code Conversion File (PCCF): May 2011 online

The PCCF file, May2011 edition available on Census Analyzer:

“The Postal Code Conversion File (PCCF): Update, links the six-character postal codes to the standard 2006 Census geographic areas (such as dissemination areas, census tracts, and census subdivisions). By linking postal codes to the Statistics Canada geographic areas, the file facilitates the extraction and subsequent aggregation of data for selected geographic areas. The PCCF also associates each postal code with a longitude and latitude coordinate to support mapping applications.”

DC Team