General Social Survey (GSS), Cycle 23: Victimization, 2009 Public Use Microdata File (PUMF) – Revised

GSS Cycle 23 PUMF – May 2011 update

* Updated hate crime derived variable (HATECRIM) to be consistent with Cycle 18;
* Added criminal code/non-criminal code hate crime variables (HTC_Q180A/HTC_Q180B);
* Added previous marital status variable (CMR_Q120) to the PUMF;
* Updated response categories for evening activity variables (PEO_Q110 to PEO_Q180);
* Added section 8.4 (Rounding) to the user guide;
* Added new Appendix H (“Estimating Variance with ADJWTVIC using SUDAAN or BootVar”) to user guide.
* The updates contained in the file were made to the datasets, user guide and data dictionary.

Access the data at GSS files.

The SDA Team