Redesigned web interface for CFMRC/TSX@CHASS

We are pleased to introduce the new CFMRC/TSX web interface at CHASS.This new web interface offers many features designed to make accessing CFMRC/TSX data easier. Some of these features include:

  • Various ways of searching the database – Manually entering company codes, uploading codes files or extracting the entire database.
  • Company search – A company lookup utility by Company Name, business name, ticker symbol, or other identifier.
  • Daily/Monthly tables – Daily or monthly frequency tables that bring together prices, events and stock identification information.
  • CFMRC/TSX Indices and other financial markets information
  • Contextual help for tables and variables providing on-the-fly statistical distributions of variables and a quick glimpse at the raw data.

To access CFMRC/TSX@CHASS Annual Update please visit:

To access CFMRC/TSX@CHASS Quarterly Update please visit:

CHASS Data Centre Team