Want to try something new? CANSIM OLAP View is now available at CHASS!

Check out our CANSIM OLAP View video tutorials to learn how to use the interface.

CANSIM OLAP View is an enhanced version of the multi-dimensional views offered by the CHASS Data Centre.

OLAP means On Line Analytical Processing, and it’s a way of analyzing large amounts of multi-dimensional data in real time by performing various operations on data dimensions.

Each view presents a CANSIM table as an OLAP cube.

CANSIM OLAP View @ CHASS features:
Whole view of a CANSIM table: number of dimensions, data time frame,size of the table;

Data presented in easy to understand 2-dimensional table (rows and columns);
Ease in manipulating table’s dimensions;
Aggregations on time dimension;
Powerful charting capabilities;
Data and charts exported to PDF or Spreadsheet formats;
Data updated daily.

Currently, CANSIM OLAP View is integrated with the dimensional and time-series views. A main start page and metadata will be provided in the future.

To access CANSIM OLAP View visit CANSIM Multidimensional, search/browse/locate tables operations will offer the new view!

CHASS Data Centre Team